Ali Baba Computech
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Policies and Disclaimers

General Warranty Information:
Hardware Warranty is through the original manufacturers only, unless otherwise specified in your contract. Ali Baba Computech only warranties the "service" that was performed for the period of one month (30 days), which does not include software issues created and/or caused by the "end user", viruses, tampering with the settings etc. User supplied parts or "used" parts are not covered by Ali Baba Computech. Service Contracts, Prepaid Service Blocks, pickup & delivery are available and may include other warranties other than those expressed above.

Hardware and Software:
Pre-purchased hardware components and proprietary systems, Ali Baba Computech and its Technicians are not responsible for the compatibility or completeness of the clients pre-purchased software or hardware components for any given computer service. This includes all proprietary computers such as AST, ACER, Dell, Gateway, HP/Compaq, IBM, etc.

End User Operations:
Ali Baba Computech and its Technicians are not responsible for acts beyond our control. The clients must back up all data, or Ali Baba Computech will do it for them (for a fee), before any work is done. If the client chooses not to back up data and work performed causes data loss, the client assumes full responsibility for such loss.
A partial list includes:
Downloaded software containing bugs installed by the client/user, ISP software/telephone issues, downloading of untested software by client/user, virus/trojan/worms, spyware, malware infections, and dirty electricity (poor line voltage), etc.

Pirated Software:
Ali Baba Computech and its Technicians have an obligation to themselves and to their industry. Ali Baba Computech and its Technicians will not knowingly participate in any illegal activity. Ali Baba Computech and its Technicians are under no obligation to install, reinstall, or configure any software that is known to be pirated.
Privacy Statement:
Ali Baba Computech and its Technicians, in the course of their work, must at times look at files and folders on the clients computer(s). Personal and/or business information will be kept in strict secrecy. Illegal activities if seen will be reported to the proper authorities as deemed necessary.

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