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Seven Step Complete Computer Overhaul
 $195.00 (reg. $300.00)**

  Our Overhaul will completely rebuild your entire computer from the ground up without losing any of your important data. Your computer will operate as fast as the day you bought it when it was brand new. All spyware, adware and viruses will be removed and all programs as well as your operating system files will be updated with the latest software to ensure the smoothest operation of your PC.


Your computer will be as fast as the day it came out of the box!!!
Dramatic Speed increase
No More Annoying Pop-Ups
This Service Will Free Up Valuable Hard Drive Space
No More Computer Freezes/Crashes
Virus & Spy ware Removal & Protection
Your Computer is cleaned inside and Out

All steps below will be done on your system (8 to 10 hours )

Step – 1 BACKUP
We backup all of your important data before anything is done on a device of your choice, (your external Hard Drive or DVD's or USB memory stick for your future reference and backup)The Overhaul is 99.99% RISK FREE!
Step 2 – CLEAN_UP
The internal components collect a tremendous amount of dirt and dust inside your computer and can cause major operating problems. Dust is also a static conductor, which can wreak havoc with your hardware inside your computer. We clean your entire computer both inside and out making it look brand new.
All of your computers disk drives are checked for integrity. Then the entire computer is formatted. After this your computer will have a clean blank (like new) hard-drive to work with!
We’ll install only the programs you want and have the license and installation CD's or DVD's. In other word customizing your hard-drive and software in a way you want. This process will delete all the unused files and cookies that have been bogging down your performance. The computer will then be optimized for the fastest possible performance.
We will install free or paid Security software to reduce chances of getting Viruses and Malwares or Trojans again on your system.
Now that a solid groundwork has been laid the computer is updated to have all of the latest drivers and security patches. The newest updates and improvements will be installed to all software you chose to have installed.
All of your documents, photos, music, E-mail settings, address books, Internet Explorer favorites are scanned for spy ware and viruses before being copied back to your computer. If any infections are found; they are cleaned by our tech and main server system; then copied back to your overhauled computer. And you still have the clean original copy on the other hand as master backup.
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** Fine print:
  • 1- Any none booting System is excluded from this offer.
  • 2- If the system has any Hardware problem such as but not limited to: Hard drive, RAM, Main board, Power supply, Battery, Screen, CPU, Cooling System and so on is excluded from this offer.
  • 3- Not valid with any other offer.
  • 4- Tax is included.
  • 5-Your system PC or Laptop will be given back to you in a matter of 24 to 48 hours unless otherwise noted.
  • 6- Call for appointment is a must.

For free estimate and more info please call us at 416-371-9003